Thursday, December 29, 2011

#HotTOPics11: #3 Fierce Beauty

Funky Nail Art/ Bold Nail Colors

This year, the manicure has been upgraded by multi-color, funky and fun designs. I was so obsessed with my nails at one time that I was getting a manicure twice a week. But right now my obsession is reaching its peak because 2011 is drawing to an end, but luckily this hot nail trend is not ending with it. It's only the beginning. Recently, one of my good friends suggested that we have a nail party; trust me ladies this will be replacing botox parties in 2012. The process is less painful and the results are much cuter.

Even celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Fergie, and Rihanna have been sporting some pretty crazy manicures. Don’t think that only celebrities can pull off crazy nails – anyone can rock this look! However, it is hard for most people to create unique nail designs without making a mess. On that same note, however, professional nail art can be costly! Luckily, two of the top cosmetic brands, Sephora and OPI have paired up to make “Chic Prints for Nails” – stick-on nail art that lasts 5-7 days and looks like polish! So instead of just trying vibrant colors, you can now add your own personal touch by creating unique nail designs.

These super cool prints instantly add a touch of glam to your manicure. They allow you to customize your manicure with their favorite designs: anchor, stars, checkers, tiger, fishnet, chrome lace, black & gold geometric, or skulls. All you have to do is place the nail patch over your finger and use heat to apply the adhesive. They’re super easy to use and will definitely make your nails more eye-catching! So go into 2012 with boldness and confidence or at least start with your nail color!

Vibrant, Sexy, Colorful Makeup

Whether its a hot pink lip or jewel tone colored eyeshadow, 2011 was definitely the year of the bold and vibrant face! The Fall/Winter 2011-2012 runway shows featured lips in a big way. From Diane von Furstenberg and Yves Saint-Laurent, many designers opted to make lips stand out beautifully using lip makeup in shades that were vibrant and saturated. Some designers showed their collections on models whose pouts were gorgeous in shades from bright orange to bright red to burgundy and even to dark purple.

Vibrant eye makeup is another way that we saw this trend in 2011 and it did attract a lot of attention. DIY: To accomplish this look, first, create flawless skin with foundation and concealer. Then, apply your favorite bright colored eye shadow; try red, orange, blue or green. Line your upper lids with black eyeliner and coat lashes with two swipes of mascara. Your lips should be a nude shade as you want the eyes to really stand out.

If you want to be extra daring try both, bold lips and eyes. Be cautious though of clashing colors and achieving a clownish look by attempting this risk. It may be best to go to your local makeup counter to have them test this look out before you debut it in public. Regardless, vibrant colors on eyes or lips can be a fun look for a holiday event, NYE party, or a night out on the town. All eyes will be on you!

This aint your momma's bob

Women always go back and forth with choosing whether to opt for a long or short hairstyle, but this year was the year of the bob and there were no limits to how short, or wavy or messy it could be. The bob is a flattering haircut for most face shapes and with all of the variations anyone can find a bob that is just right for them. Celebrities like Diana Argon and Taraji P. Henson stepped up their sultry appeal with variations of this do.

Long gone are the days of the boring, prim and proper, perfectly coifed, not a hair out of place bob. In 2011, we saw women with angled bobs, colored, extra short and shoulder length bobs. There were no restrictions! We rocked what looked hot! This is just the beginning of this trend and the variations are constantly changing. So if you are feeling daring, take a leap and chop it off for 2012.

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Just a thought...

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

- Audrey Hepburn

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