Friday, May 29, 2009

What your favorite color says about you!

Cool, calm and collected can be said of people who hold blue is high esteem. If this is your case you are gentle, discreet, peaceful and loyal. You are definitely on the softer side of the spectrum. However, one must be careful when interacting with blue lovers. They tend to form strong attachments and feel deeply hurt when their trust is betrayed. Just like the ocean and blues music your emotions run deep.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What your favorite color says about you!

HELLO, YELLOW If you love this bright hue one thing is certain: you are not afraid to be noticed. You welcome being different and doing things the unconventional way! Idealistic and innovative are only a few of the qualities you possess. Just like the sun you radiate light and like to see the sunnier side of things. Your positive outlook makes you a friend favorite. However there is a dark side to fans of this shade; you refuse to accept second best and tend to be egotistical.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally - Kelie's Style tips!

This spring, try matching a bright nail polish to your favorite pair of skinny jeans! How? You ask. No need to drag your denim closet to Duane Reade; Paige Denim and OPI took the guessing right out of this one. They put this super sweet trend to work and released six perfectly matched jeans + polish combos. So, all you have to do is make Paige denim your favorite and let the sunshine in!

M&M: Inauguration of the Met's American wing with Michelle O.

Anna Wintour, Anette de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and Iman were only a few of New York City's elite who sat elbow to elbow with a group of students from four Manhattan public schools this past Monday. The Metropolitan Museum of Art brought together these people from different walks of life, with a similar love for the arts to take part in the inauguration of their American wing, the Charles Engelhard court. First lady Michelle Obama dressed in a purple Isaac Mizrahi sheath and a knee length coat graciously accepted the Met's invitation to cut the magenta ribbon. Before doing so however she addressed the audience. "The intersection of creativity and commerce is about more than economic stimulus." She said. "It's about who we are as a people." She then proceeded to congratulate the Met for all the outreaches that they do to make the arts accessible to children like the ones in attendance. Mrs. Obama had a lot more to say. Luckily I included the video of her address for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Feel good shopping: Vix it!

For the longest time people have been led to believe that wearing sunscreen was only necessary when laying on the beach. Today, we know better! Wearing sunscreen to protect our skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays has become a year round thing. According to experts, UVB rays cause sunburn and skin cancer, while UVA rays cause aging and some skin cancers. From May 15th - Sept 7th, help raise funds for the Skin Cancer Research Foundation by bearing just a little bit of skin! Buy this white with gold trim halter dress (also available in black) and Vix Swimwear will donate 50% of the proceeds to the foundation. Get 30% OFF when you buy any of these dresses by entering SCF30 at check out.

You can contribute to finding a cure for skin cancer and look smoking hot while doing it! What more could you ask for? Don't forget to protect your pretty skin. SPF 15 minimum because you're worth it!

You look so good in GREEN: FURLA

Furla debuted a trio of eco-friendly bags to celebrate Earth Day. The front of each bag can be personalized with a name or a message (where the light green fabric is placed). Imagine all the profound threads you could appose to the designer accessory! Also note that the customisable bags were produced with an energy-saving tanning process called "Wet White"! This tanning technique allows the leather to remain completely biodegradable. I thought you might want to know that although, you'll never want to part from them let alone trash them!

So, take part in the celebration and in this life long quest towards a cleaner world. But, remember: if their green appeal is not enough to convince you, you can still buy them simply because they're Furla!

Visit for list of shops.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Buff like Michelle

The annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner buzzed with fashion and laughter last week. But, the highlight of the night for me was the obvious joke made by the President about his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama: ” “She has helped to bridge the differences that have divided us for so long because no matter which party you belong to, we can all agree that Michelle has the right to bear arms.” I believe that it is safe to say that at that very moment every woman in the room (and later, in America) thought to herself: "Man! How does she do it?" As for myself, I was miraculously inspired to get toned up and here is how: No weights required. 1. Squat thrust with push-ups The First Lady is said to be a devotee of this challenging move. Squat down, placing hands flat on either side of your legs. Kick both legs out behind you so you end in a push-up position, with your weight supported by your hands and toes. D0 1 push-up, then jump legs back up under your torso so that you are in a squat position again. Repeat 5-8 times.

2. Triceps dips Sit just off the edge of a sturdy chair, wrapping your hands around the front of the seat, with your legs extended straight in front of you and your heels on the floor. Lift and lower your body 8-10 times. Don't hunch over (you can bend your knees if it's too hard). 3. Planks Get on your forearms and toes. Keeping your neck aligned with your spine and your belly tucked in, hold this position for as long as you can (you should be straight as a board from your knees to your shoulders).

- suggested workout by celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler in Instyle magazine.

Sleeveless tops, sleeveless dresses, sleeveless pyjamas, you name it, here I come! Join me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Feel good shopping: Celebrity moms turned designers

This month, celebrity moms joined forces with Lilly Pulitzer to create a swimwear collection for women and children to raise awareness and funds for the Epidermolysis Bullosa skin disease. Some of you might remember the UK documentary : The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off about the life and death of Jonny Kennedy (November 1966- September 2003) who died from Skin cancer caused by EB. "Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) is an illness that causes the skin to be fragile. Because the skin is so fragile, it can be easily injured, causing painful blisters to form. These blisters can cause serious problems if they become infected. Some people with EB have a mild form of the disease with few blisters. For others, there may be many blisters on the skin. Some people develop blisters inside the body - in places such as the mouth, stomach, esophagus , bladder, and elsewhere. Anyone can have EB. Generally, the symptoms first appear in babies or toddlers." - National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases

Gwyneth Paltrow designed this printed tricot bikini.

Ten percent of the sales will be donated to the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation which benefits children with the skin disease.

Aids Walk New York

If you were wondering if it was too late, it is NOT! There is still time for you to register for Aids Walk New York. But, act fast because the walk is taking place this Sunday, May 17th in Central Park . Register today and join all the mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, cousins and friends affected by this disease. Step by step we can encourage them and put an end to the epidemic that has been plaguing our generation. Click here to join the walk.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feel good shopping: Orange squeeze

This month, get a squeeze of orange that feels just as good as fresh orange juice, if not more. Enjoy some guilt free shopping to raise money for the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.

Bracelet by Alexandra Knight

In honor of their new campaign, Orange You Happy to Erase MS, designers such as Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger, alice + olivia, and many more have created a wide range of products - t-shirts, bracelets, rings, lip gloss - around the "orange" theme.

T-shirt by Tommy Hilfiger Ring by G. Neil Lane Dress by alice + olivia

There are so many other great products not featured here such as Kissable couture lip gloss, "Orange You Happy To Erase MS" nail polish and Orange You Lucky Peace, and Love Wrap Bracelet.

You can truly feel good shopping to Erase MS knowing that the money you spend will be use to erase (sorry for using the same word twice) a disease that affects twice as many women as men and this, in the prime of their lives and can cause them to become completely paralyzed. Nancy has herself been battling the disease for 17 years.

Help bring back some pep in the steps of women like Nancy all across America.

Shop orange.

Monday, May 11, 2009

C'est ELLE, la plus belle! Part III

That Canadian Chick!
Segment: event
Project Runway Canada: the Bold, the Young and the Victorious
As the event slowly was an hour away from coming to an end, all took their places for the grand finale that would showcase the work of the three finalists of Project Runway Canada. The winner, who was announced on the show weeks ago, is none other than Sunny Fong, who is a MASTERFUL designer with an amazing vision and skills to match. We were first treated to a surprising show by PRC's mentor to the designers, Brian Bailey. The excitement, however, elevated when Jason Meyer, one of the three finalists, took the stage with his shiny and shimmery collection. Not being a fan of his on the show, I demonstrated lukewarm feelings towards his set.
"I didn't like him on the show. He got on my nerves!" I declared to Wil, prompting him to laugh at my do-or-die attitude.
My demeanour, however, quickly changed upon seeing finalist Jessica Biffi's name scrawled across the catwalk's backdrop. I swayed my head to the beat as the models came down the runway in what Jessica herself had dubbed her fashion take on "ghetto fabulousness". As they announced her name, I think my shouts became similar to those of a lunatic stuck in a coo-coo's nest.
No moment was more beautiful than Sunny Fong's. As the victorious winner of the second season of PRC, Fong showed its public why he divided and conquered like Alexander the Great, the inspiration behind his line: the man's couture prowess is unparalleled in every element, piece and concept. It showed impeccable detailing and made me shiver as each model came down the runway, sashaying like soldiers on a mission. I was drooling at the mouth for every item and prayed that I would someday be able to afford a few key pieces, for I can tell you, Mr. Fong will surely reach Gucci status. You heard it here first, folks! I was humbled by his shy wave to the crowd as he walked down the runway with his model and cheers exploded louder than at a rap concert.
Ce n'est qu'un au revoir...until next year!
Exhausted from my walking around all day in my 3 ½ inch heels, I pleaded with Wil for us to go home and take it easy, but not before taking a picture with my two favourite contestants from PRC. Jessica was as sweet as pie and I went in for the kill with a hug that was good enough for a nation. As for Sunny, I could only muster the words "Congratulations on winning. Your work is beautiful!" for which he thanked me warmly before posing with his one hundredth thousand fan. As for Jason, well...I will not go there.
What transpired at this event is the enthusiasm for fashion and beauty that resonates with this growing industry and the way the public embraces it. As we were leaving the building, I looked over at my sweet man, who looked back at me with a smile.
That round room was nice, huh? Would you love having the wedding reception there?" we both asked each other, obviously on the same page in fashion...and in love.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Michelle Obama: Azzedine Alaia vs. Michael Kors

Michelle Obama went New York chic last Tuesday night for the Time 100 Gala. She wore a black square neck, floor sweeping, black, cinched dress.

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage for Time Inc.

At first the double face wool crepe stunner was attributed to Azzedine Alaia (designer of the black belt she paired with the infamous purple dress that propelled her into Fashion stardom). But it turns out that our own NYC designer and Project Runway judge, Michael Kors is the one behind the dress. Someone didn't do their homework!

Photo: Getty

Also at the gala, Jimmy Fallon had some interesting things to say about meeting the First Lady. "I'm very excited," he said. "Honestly you could feel the buzz in New York City. Everyone's talking about it, everyone's excited about it. I think she's gorgeous. She has very good arm muscles. Very good biceps so I'm practicing my push ups and my pull-ups just to try and even compare." We couldn't agree more! :) What do you think is our First Lady's best quality or asset?

Feel good shopping: Mint Jodi Arnold Pre-Party!!!

Fashion For All stands behind it's name by providing low-income households with clothing and accessories. Jodi Arnold got the "memo" and decided to get involved - thanks Jodi! Follow in Jodi's footsteps by coming out tonight and donating your gently used duds while enjoying good food, drinks and awesome discounts on Mint Jodi Arnold clothing. All the details are below:
After speaking with Deenie, I am convinced that this event is where you want to be this evening. You can thank me later. :)
Call or email her to RSVP.

The MET fashions: the good, the bad and the ugly!

THE GOOD = Effortless Hollywood style. Simply pretty.
Thanks Fashion Time
Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein. She came on the arm of Fransisco Costa, wearing his design.
Photo: Getty
Anne Hathaway in Marc Jacobs. Anne showcased great Hollywood style. Kudos to her make up artist and hairstylist for completing her dramatic look.
Photo: Getty
Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera. Pretty as always.
Thanks Fashion Time
Jessica Alba in one of the First lady's favorite designers: Jason Wu.
THE BAD = in other words, FIERCE.
Thanks Fashion Time
Any pregnant woman that can support the weight of such an opulent dress and look as flawless as Heidi Klum did at the gala is BAD in my book. She's bad! Oh, and the dress is by J. Mendel.
Eva Longoria brought sophistication to the event in a dress by one of my favorite designers: Diane von Furstenberg but most importantly she brought the best possible accessory (as the Canadian Chick would say) her hubby, Tony Parker. She's bad!
Thanks fashion time
I told you Ciara would be showing off her curves in Emilio Pucci! She's bad! AND THE UGLY = trend setters setting the wrong trends.
Photo: Getty
Jessica Biel exemplified everything that could go wrong when spray tanning.
Photo: Getty
Madonna in Louis Vuiton. Madonna wearing something hideous doesn't really qualify as surprising. A mess!
Thanks Fashion Time
Rihana forgot the #1 rule when selecting a red carpet look: just because it's a designer ensemble doesn't mean you should wear it. - EVER!
Here, I said it. Now it's your turn. What did you think of the Met gala's fashions? Is there another look you would like to see featured here?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

C'est ELLE, la plus belle! (Elle, the Great!)

That Canadian Chick!
Segment: Event
If one wants to know where it's at in Canada, Toronto certainly never falls short of expectations! Known as Ontario's capital, it is a city bustling with energy, creativity and all things fabulous this side of the border. I was fortunate enough to be among the many Canadians who flocked to Elle Canada magazine's first Fashion and Beauty Show, where people from all walks of life clearly demonstrated their evident fashion gene and their love of all things fabulous. The event, which was held at the prestigious Carlu in downtown Toronto, brought the "fabulosity" (as Ms Kimora Lee would say!) to a whole new level.
After a half-hour wait to go up to the show's floor, I quickly took in the sights and sounds as the public were ushered in and greeted with goodie bags baring the Elle Canada logo (mais but of course!). As I browsed the many different kiosks, which ranged from lip gloss celebrity favorite Balm Shell, to advice from skin care giant Dermalogica, and even a booth for Elle Canada subscriptions (which attracted potential readers with the sweet addition of a free tote!), I couldn't help but anticipate the days' events.
Armed with the best accessory a woman can have (my lovable boyfriend Wil), I set out to accomplish a few specific tasks and was intent on not missing the beat!

Monday, May 4, 2009

In the know: Metropolitain Museum gala tonight! / Halle Berry's baby mama drama!

Hope you are as excited as I am about the Met's gala tonight. Although it is the only event taking place in the museum that is not advertised on their website, you need not worry. You will not miss a single beat. I am here to serve you. First up:
Fashion Scoop: Iman will be wearing Donna Karan, Ciara will be showing off her curves in Emilio Pucci, Estee Lauder's face Hilary Rhonda will be in Roberto Cavalli and Beverley Johnson chose to strut her stuff in Kenneth Cole! Make sure to come back and get in on all the Met drama and find out if Halle Berry decides to show in spite of her baby mama drama!
In this picture, Halle is fighting off parazzis that gathered outside of Barefoot, a restaurant where the star was having lunch with daughter Nahla in LA. She does not play when it comes to her child. No mother should! Good for you, Halle.
But, what I really want to know is where she bought the fringed sandals she is wearing. Fierce in flats. Love it!

Introduction to That Canadian Chick!

Segment: Introduction
Cindy Narcisse, newest contributor to Fashion With a Conscience
Greetings from Canada!
As the newest contributor to the now “revamped” Fashion with a Conscience blog, I am happy to be part of this great initiative started by my good friend, Kathleen Elie. Though we are in two different area codes and divided by many miles of land and sea, our bond and our common love for all things fashion, events and social awareness has fuelled our creative energies to bring you the best information and insight on what people live for and how we all can be better contributors to this world. My role is to bring you the Canadian perspective on those different elements in the hopes that you will discover my beautiful country through the eyes of your Northern cousins, as well as bring you ideas, concepts and success stories of individuals have brought awareness to issues that affect us collectively and individually. So, seat tight and enjoy this Canadian “Rocky” of the blog!
Cindy N. Blog Contributor and Event Enthusiast

Around the world: South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country situated at the southern tip of the African continent. It is a kaleidoscope of rich cultures, vast and diverse grasslands, ancient forests and unforgettable savannas. These landscapes are home to an amazing variety of animals — elephants, leopards, giraffes and zebras — found no where else on the planet.
However, this country is best known for its constant struggle with racism and battle against HIV Aids. Most people know South Africa but are only scratching the surface. There is so much more to the home of Nelson Mandela and Hollywood sensation Charlize Theron. Join us as we discover South Africa’s history, struggles and hope for the future.

Expel hormones from school milk

I received this email from an advocate for healthy eating and thought you might want to know and show your concern by signing. I did. The school lunch program is a major provider of milk to our nation’s school-age children. Unfortunately, a significant amount of this milk may have been produced with artificial growth hormones. Join me in signing the petition asking Congress to state that schools can purchase artificial hormone-free milk and organic milk.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Putting things in perspective.

In the midst of the economic crisis a little bit of perspective can't hurt. This post touched many hearts last year. What better way to start our journey? Read on and be transformed. Have a blessed day and remember to stay tuned! :)

Just a thought...

"For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

- Audrey Hepburn